Puppy School

If you are preparing to introduce a new puppy or young dog to your home, then our
Puppy/Introduction to training courses are an ideal way to start. 
If you live within travelling distance to the Narberth area in Pembrokeshire you can
book our Puppy School course which offers fun live socialising/training sessions in addition

to video tutorials to practise at home. 
If you live further away, our Basic Training for Puppy & Older Dogs is an online
course with easy bite size video-based tutorials which you can purchase here click
here for our online courses. The course will provide a step-by-step guide to basic
manners and common behaviours using kind, reward-based force free methods and
mirror what you would learn at our live classes. 
Both our live and online sessions, will help your young dog build confidence and
learn the essentials such as recall and loose lead walking as well as help to manage
unwanted behaviour.
You will also find a general information pack on how to introduce your puppy or
young dog to his new home and family.

Happy training!

                    Video Tutorials
     Basic Training for puppies & older dogs

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                Live  Classes
          Puppy Social Play & Train

Qualified & Accredited
Force Free Training